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November 6, 2016

It is getting to be the time to consider if your outgoing 2016 Yacht Club Commodore can become a member of the Blue Gavel. For this to happen your Blue Gavel Chapter will have to do several things.  Do not invite your 2016 Commodore to become a member of Blue Gavel until you do the following:

1.       You and your Chapter members must have a meeting to cast a vote to invite your 2016 Commodore to become a member of IOBG Delta District 19.

a.      The vote must be a Yes majority to invite your new Past Commodore to join your Blue Gavel Chapter.

b.      If the majority vote is No, then the new Past Commodore is not to be invited to join the Blue Gavel.

c.       Only Past Commodores, who are members of your Blue Gavel Chapter, are eligible to vote.

d.      If your Chapterís vote is No, the new Past Commodore, CANNOT go to another Chapter to get voted into the Blue Gavel.

2.      For those Past Commodores that are voted into membership, have them fill out the New Membership Application and give you a check for $70.00. Send the application, the check and the completed form mentioned in section 3 to the President as soon as possible.  Advise the new member that they will be inducted into the Blue Gavel at our February General Membership meeting.

3.      Complete the form showing your Chapterís meeting date and the attendees.

If there are other Past Commodores in your Yacht Club who are not members of Blue Gavel, you may want to vote on them at this time. If you vote other Past Commodores to be members then follow the same procedure as above.

Please send the President the completed New Member Nomination Form, New Membership Application Form, and the $70.00 check made payable to IOBG Delta District 19.

Please mail completed form(s) and check(s) to:

P/C Dave Breninger, President
IOBG Delta District #19
425 Websters Court
Roseville, CA  95747



The downloadable files below are Word Document files (.doc) that can be downloaded and input directly to the files, then printed.  Acrobat Reader (.pdf) files are also available that can be downloaded,  filled out by hand and printed.

(1) New Member Nomination Rules.doc

(2) New Member Nomination Form.doc

(3) New Member Application Form.doc

(1) New Member Nomination Rules.pdf

(2) New Member Nomination Form.pdf

(3) New Member Application Form.pdf


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